Based off of my experience as a Freelance employee for the last 8 years, and my education in the history of technology, the following blog outlines the future of employment, from the year 2021 to 2121…


We will be able to stay at home and work on the things we love and enjoy, such as Humanities, Arts, Science …including more creative aspects of carpentry &…

If you are already fully funded and ready to take on the tech-world, I provide to you this option. Launch Everywhere! Launch on Android, iOS, Web, Windows-Phone… If necessary, you can even include a desktop release on MacOS and Windows.

Although this approach is extremely rare, I provide this option for your reference. A multi-platform launch requires an elegantly choreographed dance between, you, Project Manager, Designers, Developers, QA Testers, and Marketing. The likelihood of launching everything together at the same time, on time, is against most odds. So for that reason I say, don’t expect a fully synchronous multi-platform launch.

Launching Lean is the most exciting of all app launch options. The term “Lean” is widely used in startup jargon meaning to build quickly, measure success, learn what changes are needed, and repeat. In other words, Release Quickly and Release Often. This is also an adaptation to the commonly used “Agile” development process.

The most effective way to avoid burn-out and bootstrap your budget is to launch quickly. You’ll need a team dedicated to work closely together, with the common goal to achieve a lot within a short amount of time. In order to achieve a lean launch, you need…

If you want to reach a large audience fast, test the waters, and if your application doesn’t require Mobile device hardware/features, such as Camera/GPS/Accelerometer/Notifications etc., then launch a web version!

A web version requires 4 stages, Wireframe Design, UI Design, WebDevelopment, and QA Testing. Note: You may wonder why Prototyping isn’t a part of Web Development, this is because web development isn’t as costly as app development, so you can prototype while developing the site. You can also use some of the simple prototyping tools mentioned in option 1 above.

Wireframe and UI Design requires some collaboration between developer and…

Do you want to get your app idea in front of Investors? Here are some tips for making a fully functioning Prototype.

Animation example taken from GC, an app designed by William Harvey Designs

A fully functioning Prototype is as close to a working version as we can get without development. A complex prototype helps to better understand the user flow without the need for reiteration of costly development. This results in discovering flaws in the design, gaining valuable user-feedback from your test market, and ultimately allowing for a stronger pitch to your investors, stakeholders, and potential customers.

There are three parts to Complex Prototyping; Wireframe Design (the layout, aka UX), complete…

Got an app idea but have little to no budget? I suggest you make a simple prototype, so you have something presentable for investors.

Simple Prototyping can be a clickable or non-clickable mockup version of your app that helps investors understand the main idea of your app with a hands on experience, without having to break the bank. Your goal here is to get people interested, get funding so you can complete the design and development phase, and launch!

There are three parts to Simple Prototyping; Wireframe Design (the layout, aka UX), simple UI Design (what the layout looks like…

So you have an app idea, a rough idea about a budget, or perhaps you have no budget at all. Chances are, you have no idea where to start, nor do you have a goal to shoot towards. Allow me to help point you in the right direction, towards your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

I’ve witnessed both sides of the spectrum of application development, a very successful app of 9,000,000+ downloads, and apps with not a single download at all. The most exciting part of the journey is turning the idea into reality.

First, Get Talkin’! Brainstorm!

William Harvey

William is a product designer, specializing in audio and entertainment application design.

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